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Paid social advertising is a potent tool in the digital marketing landscape. Through this strategy, we harness the power of social media platforms to reach specific audiences with precision and impact. 

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Profitable Paid Social campaigns

In the bustling bazaar of digital advertising, paid social campaigns stand out as a beacon of precision, reach, and adaptability. At SOCIALITIC, we understand that a successful paid campaign is more than just budget allocation; it’s about crafting experiences that captivate and convert.

With a delicate balance of data-driven insights, creative brilliance, and platform acumen, we design campaigns that not only catch the eye but also drive tangible results. Whether you’re looking to amplify brand awareness, foster engagements, or boost conversions, our approach ensures every penny invested brings you closer to your goals.


We create Paid Social strategies that fall hand-in-hand with your objectives, targeting the ideal target audience and presenting them with resonating ads.


We create everything you need for your Paid Social Campaign(s), from video content, to carousels and dynamic images – as well as engaging, persuading Ad Copy.


Once your Paid Social Campaigns are live, they are monitored every single day to make sure we are on top, helping you get the best results.


We provide a weekly breakdown of your insights, as well as a detailed monthly report to keep you up-to-date with the latest on-goings.

Paid Social Campaigns aren't just spending money; it's investing in conversations and conversions.

Award-Winning Social Campaigns

Award-winning paid social campaigns aren’t born from deep pockets, but from deep insights.

It’s the magic brewed at the crossroads of creativity, data analytics, and an intimate understanding of audience behavior. These campaigns don’t just capture clicks; they capture hearts, minds, and conversations.

At the heart of every viral post, behind every soaring engagement rate, is a story crafted meticulously to resonate. And when the digital applause reverberates, it’s a testament not just to the ad spend, but to the art of connecting in the most crowded space of all — the social media arena.

We create engaging Social campaigns

At SOCIALISTIC, we don’t just run campaigns – we breathe life into ideas.

Each project is a canvas where creativity meets strategy, resulting in campaigns that don’t merely occupy screen space but engage minds and emotions.

Our mission? Crafting digital stories that stick, spark conversations, and compel your audience to click, share, and remember. Because in a world saturated with content, being seen isn’t enough; being memorable is the game-changer.

Our Multi-Channel approach

Our multi-channel approach to paid social capitalises on the unique strengths of each platform, amplifying your message where it matters most.

Harnessing Instagram’s powerful visual tools, we capture attention through stunning creatives. On Facebook, we utilize precision targeting, ensuring your content connects with the exact audiences you seek. And with sophisticated retargeting strategies, we keep your brand top-of-mind, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

Dive into the world of paid social with us and experience the mastery of tailored messaging, optimised spending, and razor-sharp targeting

Delivering you a profitable ROAS

It’s not just about visibility, it’s about value. Our strategies in paid social are sculpted with a singular focus: delivering a profitable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

We meticulously optimize every aspect of your campaign, from laser-focused targeting to compelling creatives, ensuring that every penny spent works hard for you. Through constant analysis and refinement, we ensure that your investment translates into tangible results, turning your ad spend into meaningful, measurable profit.

Our Organic Social Media approach

Strategy & Approach

We research your brand, competitors, industry and audience to create and implement a Paid Social strategy that will provide you with profitable campaigns.

Campaign Creation

We create the campaigns based on your brand and your main objectives – including all of the relevant assets such as creatives and ad copy.

Management & Testing

We monitor all of our campaigns daily, testing a variety of different elements to help us determine the winning Paid Social formula for your audience.

Tracking & Reporting

We set-up all of the relevant conversion tracking to help us be able to track what your campaigns are actually generating, as well as being provided with reports.

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In today’s digitally-driven world, organic reach often doesn’t cut it alone. Paid Social allows your brand to break through the noise, ensuring that your content reaches its intended audience. Beyond just reach, it offers precise targeting, allowing you to engage specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, making your efforts more impactful and efficient.

Paid Social is a powerful tool for growth. With its advanced targeting options, you can find new audiences that are most likely to resonate with your brand. You can also use retargeting to re-engage previous visitors, nurturing them down the conversion funnel. Moreover, the insights provided by paid campaigns give you actionable data on what works and what doesn’t, helping you refine your overall marketing strategy.

Managing Paid Social campaigns isn’t just about setting up ads. It requires continuous optimization, A/B testing, audience segmentation, and keeping up with ever-evolving platform algorithms. An agency like SOCIALISTIC brings expertise, tools, and dedicated resources that most brands can’t sustain in-house. This ensures your campaigns are not only set up right but are also constantly fine-tuned for maximum ROI.

Our Paid Social Management encompasses a holistic approach to your campaigns. This includes strategy development, audience segmentation, ad creative design, campaign setup, ongoing optimisation, A/B testing, performance analysis, and regular reporting. We ensure that every element of your campaign is geared towards achieving your business goals. comprehensive analytics tools and reporting systems to give a holistic view of your brand’s social performance, ensuring our strategies are always results-driven and adaptive to changing trends.

The budget for Paid Social varies depending on your objectives, target audience, industry, and competitive landscape. We recommend starting with a test budget to gather initial insights and then scaling based on performance. At SOCIALISTIC, we work closely with brands to determine an investment level that aligns with their goals and ensures a profitable ROAS.